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Giving back to move healthcare forward.

Argon Medical may support independent medical research, educational programs and charitable projects that further medical and scientific knowledge by offering funding and resources to health care institutions, academic medical centers, medical societies and national associations.

Below are the principles that guide our decisions about which programs to support:

  • We may make educational grants to bona fide educational activities for healthcare professionals and may include funding for accredited continuing education.
  • We make educational grants to institutions—not to individual healthcare professionals.
  • We don’t use grants to induce customers to purchase or use our products or services, to promote off-label uses of our products or as a substitute for discounts.
  • We make grants to educational programs that are scientifically justified—our support is never intended to be promotional.
  • We may provide research grants to support independent medical research with scientific merit.
  • We make continuing medical education grants only to programs that follow standards for development and delivery established by the FDA, the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education, AdvaMed and other applicable bodies.

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